Friday, July 31, 2009

From There to Here

Many years ago God blessed me with a good friend in Singapore. She was a school parent and happened to live in the same apartment building as us. We used to meet to pray for our husbands weekly. She had us for good ol' Southern dinners. But she did one thing for me that was by far the most precious. When I had baby #3 (pictured), my other girls were 2 and 1. I had my hands full. Though I had a 2 week old baby, a 1 year old, and a 2 year old (all still in diapers), Campbell Clansman was required to return to the USA for a few weeks. What would I do? He advised me to lock down the hatches, stay in the house all day and night, and just try to survive. Right about that time, my new baby started crying. She cried for about 2 weeks, the very 2 weeks I was alone with 3 babies in a foreign country. My sweet friend convinced me that she missed crying babies. So every night about 8pm, she would come and get my little newborn. Then she would rock her for 2 hours. During that time, I would do daily necessities...shower, brush my teeth, sleep. Then about 10pm, I would pick up my little bundle and settle in for the night. How can you repay a favor like that? Impossible! I told her I'd return the favor to a young mom once my babies are all grown. Recently they drove down from their Tennessee home to see us. She is pictured above with the very baby she used to rock. The neat thing was that when I shared this story with Esther (baby #3), she was so touched to get to meet the person who took care of her. That's a big deal for kids who move around the globe to see someone who used to be in their lives.
Here are all the adults at the gathering that night.
Thanks, my friend!
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becca said...

wow, that story gave me chills and tears! That is awesome. I feel ya b/c I too had 3 under 3 and my #3 didn't cry all the time... only when I wasn't holding him. I made a sling that solved the problem but oh oh oh were those some rough days! People are always saying "I don't know how you do it" NOW... but it is nothing now. I have help! Having older children makes it EASIER to have younger ones, not harder.
It was hard THEN, but I didn't know anything any different so I didn't think about it. I can't imagine being in a different country w/o my husband for any amount of time back then!
Glad to know of another Levi. There aren't many. I had a student a few years ago and he was a gem. Many names are tarnished by former students though thankfully I've been blessed by having a lot of great ones :)

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