Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again!

Well, it is that time of year again. Time for "ashure." This time of year, every year, the Turks begin making a special homemade dessert called ashure. The other name for it is "Noah's pudding," as legend has it that when Noah landed (which is suspected to be here on Mt. Ararat), the supplies were exhausted, so they used what they little they had left to create this dessert. Here is a link to explain more:
Neighbors make the dessert, then distribute it to everyone else in the building. We like this dessert, though it is very different from desserts in America. Isn't is interesting, though, that whatever you grow up on, you love. My Turkish friend Hicran can not talk about ashure without closing her eyes and smacking her lips and saying, "Oh, is it that time of year again?!" It's like me with mom's peach cobbler. Ashure contains beans and grains, but also has a sweet taste from some sugar and toppings like cinnamon. This bowl was made for me by my neighbor on the first floor. One way I really like ashure is with pomegranate seeds on top, as seen in the wikipedia link. They make a ready-made packet of this in the grocery stores here, but is not as good as homemade. I sent one to my sister in law Cassie last year to try. She said they liked it! If anyone who reads my blog would like to try it with your family, leave me a comment and I'll send some back with Ross in February and he can pop it in the mail to you. It is very light and not a problem to mail! I loved all the comments you all left me yesterday!


Melanie Keffer said...

I'm burning the midnight oil and still enjoying your blog. I giggled at the thought of "bean dessert." I know there is much more to it than that, but being unemployed we are eating a lot of things like beans and rice. The thought of having beans for dessert made me say, "Oh no, not beans again!" Ha.

In spite of your very sweet offer to share, and in light of the circumstances, I will just take your word for the fact that it is good. :))


P. S. When David goes back to work I don't think I will ever eat another bite of beans, spaghetti or bologna!! You'd be surprised how many ways you can flavor beans. You can even make a bean cake!! :P

Sara Campbell said...

Melanie, your posts always make me smile, and sometimes laugh! Yes, we eat beans alot too. Cheap protein! However, with nursing a baby I pay for it if I eat too many! We had alot of beans in Singapore at the bottoms of our well as corn!!!!

The Fish Family said...

Yes, we ate the packaged stuff. Caleb liked it. It was the wierd taste of sweet pudding with beans and oatmeal kind of. Not too bad. Caleb said he'll take another pack when M.E. comes to see us!

Melanie Keffer said...

Sara, you won't believe this but we are having a wonderful time with this unemployment. We have our hard times but I can't even begin to tell you what miracles occur. It will sound crazy but the kids tell me my cooking is better than ever when we have "nothing" to eat. (That couldn't be the result of prayer, could it?)

Today we faced a day where the cupboard was bare and we're weren't scheduled to receive any checks until the end of the week. I laid down last night and said, "Lord, what am I going to feed them? I reminded God of the 6th chapter of Matthew where He says to take no thought for what you eat.

Now Sara, I don't know how you feel about the Bible but I was raised to believe in it literally so I take Matthew 6 literally. After I prayed, I went to sleep and slept sound as a dollar.

I popped up this morning, before everyone else, no milk in the house, no eggs, no bread, none of that famous bologna, nothing in the freezer and very little in the pantry. It immediately came to my mind what to fix.

Do you know that I had all the ingredients for a large turkey pot pie. Not only that, it was the most delicious turkey pot pie I have ever tasted. My kids raved over it and sucked down every bite. We had that along with sweet tea for lunch. Then . . . also in answer to prayer, we remembered something stuck way back in the dark corner of a closet that my dad had left us for just such a rainy day. David took that and redeemed it for a substancial amount of money, we took out tithes, a little money for my mother, a little money for Kathleen, paid a couple of things and had plenty left for groceries and gas! Much more than we need to carry us through until the next check comes in.

I know I can't make this real long but also today Kathleen called today with news her trip to France is 100% paid for. We thought we were going to have to come up with the deposit and were praying about that. She is double majoring and unknown to her, her French professor talked to a few people and the next thing we know her deposit is paid and so is the remaining balance on her tuition.

At this moment Sara, I am walking on water. Today's events are just a small example of the way God has taken care of us. How could we not be happy? The Bible IS true. He IS faithful.

Not sure how I got into all that but I wanted to share it with you. I told my mother there was no need to feel sorry for us!! We are doing well!!

Love you all-

Crystal DeLong said...

I absolutely love asure, but I haven't had my neighbors bring me any since my first year. Guess I need to make some friends! BTW, loved Beniah's circumsion outfit.

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