Thursday, January 15, 2009

Benaiah's Big Day Part II

Today was Benaiah's follow up visit. The good doctor (seen above) actually comes to his patient's house the next day. Benaiah checked out fine and was a happy baby all day. (It must have been that Beshiktash ribbon he got.) Just before he left, the doctor asked if I would take his picture with Benaiah. I wondered if I was perhaps the first client to forget ask for a photo session on this biggest day of my son's life! So I chirped, "Oh yes, of course, please, by all means!" The good doctor is a Turk, but is originally from Bulgaria. He was very proud that he had fixed our son. Just before he left he asked if I'd be willing to let Benaiah (along with his "black brother" as we call Judah) be in a picture with him to advertise his clinic. He said he wanted Bush and Obama in his advertisement. Ross says, "Fine, as long as we are Bush!" I say, "Fine, as long as Benaiah is clothed!"

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Melanie Keffer said...

Good for you Sara!!! Spoken like a true mother! Keep that boy's clothes on!!

I am still feeling sorry for him - not because of the procedure but because of the ceremony.

Aside from astonishment, your Turkish friends are beautiful people. What beautiful skin color!

We've had a day here. Karoline is feverishly working on her college auditions. Today her voice teacher confirmed that Karoline is a coloratura soprano reaching F6 comfortably. I'm not exaggerating that. Karoline also sings in the alto range. This information comes from a professional and not her mother. :)

It's a week of miracles here. I am so blown away by Karoline's voice. Not that she is the only coloratura soprano in the world, but that MY daughter can sing with that kind of range and beauty in her voice. Karoline's voice is very strong and not at all squeaky, even above high C.

Hard to believe, I know. You'd just have to hear it. I guess I mention it because that is my miracle for today. God seems to be pouring out the blessings.

Dear little Benaiah . . . I am so glad that is over!! No little fellow should have to endure such "drama" for something so routine. I am SO glad he has the mother and father he does!!

Bye for now-

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