Saturday, September 30, 2017

Life 'Round here

This has been a very difficult season for me. I'm piecing together many things in my life, and so many of them are new pieces. I'm learning to live in Turkey without all my kids here. I'm learning how to communicate with my daughter across 8 time zones. And, at school, I'm learning how to teach high school English. This is new, as I was previously teaching middle school.

One day I left out at 7:30AM with the family, and it was the day my housekeeper comes. She had texted me to ask what I wanted her to make for dinner. Honestly, I never had a moment to send a note back. But when I came home, she had made me this lovely dinner of salad and lentil kofte. I almost cried. Her thoughtfulness ministered to me. I started sampling the kofte. My samples became a meal.

CC relieves some of his day-to-day stress with weekend bike rides. He sent me this picture from his Saturday morning bike ride. Wonder what this donkey would say if he could talk? ("Get outta my road.")

Here's a screenshot from a phone call we got to have with Firstborn.

One night I glanced out of the house and wondered if the sun was setting. It couldn't be; it was too late for that. We ventured out and realized some fires for clearing land had been started. Like good rednecks, we jumped into the car to go see!

Speaking of glancing out the window....usually I hear their bells first and know the sheep are back across the street.


Anonymous said...

Twice last night I woke up feeling God's touch letting me know everything was alright. I think this season of life (I cannot talk about publically) is probably the hardest I have ever gone through. I have cried more than once, "Father, how much more can I stand?"

It was my youngest son who reminded me this week of where my hope is. Have been a C from the time I was six years old, growing up in a godly home and teaching, you would think that would not be something I needed to be reminded of but when Matt said what he did, I realized I had sunk into the world's attitude of no hope. It was the One who died on the cross so long ago that gave us hope in life. Hope in every thing. The hope of healing, miracles, prayers answered and above all, eternal life. Never has it sunk into me like it did this week. Hope! What a wonderful thing J did for us on the cross. It really is like the old Bill Gaither song says, "Because He lives, I can face tomorrow."

That has been my journey this past week. Thanks for sharing yours. Love you all very much Sara.


Sara Campbell said...

Hope!!!! I needed this!

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