Sunday, September 3, 2017

Camping at Light Mountain part 1

With our few extra days, we did a lot of working at school. There's so much to be done, both because of student number increases, and because of the size of our campus. But we did decide to get away for two days and go camping. It's now or never with camping because we are gone in the summers when the weather is warm. Very soon when we return, the temps drop low at night. Even in August, it was getting into the 40's at night at our camp spot.

It was a beautiful drive and reminded me of the many reasons I love this country. 

Whenever we go out of our city, I pass these little towns. There's always a mosque. 

This is the little community just down the hill from where we camp, roughly two hours from our home. This does not appear on google maps. It just has a sign, which means in English, "Homes in the Meadow." I've grown to love this little town. I believe it is a logging community. 

We got there and set up the tent. It was warm and felt wonderful to be outside. Sweet Cheeks quickly found something, a skull of a small animal. 

Soon we had some grazers near our tent. 

We went on a quick evening hike before we began our campfire. 

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