Monday, September 4, 2017

Camping at Light Mountain part 2

It seemed to me that the meal prep and cooking it over the campfire was our favorite part. I know it was for me! The girls helped me slice potatoes and layer them on onions, green beans, and sucuk (Turkish spicy sausage). 

We took some pictures for Firstborn and sent them to let her know how much we were missing her. She analyzed them all and sent comments back, like, "Ahhh! The Prague hat!" 

Big Ben has not slept a day in his life alone once he came out of his crib. It's terrible, I know! We've warned him that this is the year. Firstborn is gone. He's almost 9. It's time! 

50 feels like it would be pleasant, but it felt cold! Our tent is designed for 4 people, 2 in each of the side compartments. But we sleep 6 (used to be 7!) in it, so I always sleep in the center area. It's not as well insulated. So, 50 feels cold up on that mountain! 

I had cooked some ground beef and added sausage spices to it. Then Sweet Cheeks cracked my eggs and poured them in a water bottle before we left. Breakfast was a cinch! 

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Anonymous said...

Now that is the way to eat on a campout! My camping with my grandmother (Who spent her honeymoon camping on a river bank in 1938 - if that tells you anything.) was in lower country, aka Louisiana. That involved mosquitoes, heat and humidity. I always insisted on taking my nightgown when possible. When not in a tent, and we weren't always, a mosquito net was always involved. Also, the men took turns on alligator watch. That's what they told us young people. I now know they were watching for more than just alligators. I'm not kidding. My grandmother, raised in Louisiana, knew how to handle any situation. I think I've shared some of this before. She would have made a great pioneer. Our food always involved fish caught on the spot. Always. There would be side items like hush puppies and fried something or other but always fish, once in a great while some game.

Your meal looks delicious. :)


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