Sunday, June 25, 2017

Beginning Summer 2017

Our flights to the USA were unusual. For several reasons, including Firstborn's return being in December this year, our family was on two different flights. Additionally, our friend L was on a 3rd flight. All flights went to Munich together, then split off, then ended up in Nashville during the same time frame. At one point, CC and the 4 kids' airplane was nose-to-nose with our airplane on the runway! We all had delays due to weather, but made it in eventually. I was grateful to get to fly with Firstborn. We timed our airplane movies to start at exactly the same time, napped together, and survived the delays together. This is just before we all split off in Munich!

We hit the ground running and bought a used car within our first 24 hours. CC and I have not purchased a car in America in 20 years! My dad had been helping us scope one out, so we got it done right away! It's "our" car which she will take over in August. At least that's how we are billing it! 

Jetlag on this end never bothers me. This is what I get to see. 

And this. 

And this. 

My sweet niece often feels sad because the cousins buddy up in the summer and she's on the tail end without a Campbell cousin. This summer she asked her mama if she and I could do some things together. This week we baked a cake together. Oh, and she braided my hair! 

My brother took us to a fun spot for dinner. We left the kids home with some leftovers and went out to eat free-range burgers and catfish. 

The cousins have made the most of these few days starting off here. They've run and played and wanted to know what time the cousins are awake each morning. 

And so, our first week was fun. Just what I needed to melt off the stress! 

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Anonymous said...

I love that your niece braided your hair. So cute!

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