Sunday, June 4, 2017

It's Coming...

Today we are hosting a graduation party for Firstborn. It's going to be simple and country, just like her. We stopped along a construction site to snag a pallet, and now she's fixing it up for a picture display. Sweet Cheeks is out collecting wildflowers, but not the ones that make Papa sneeze. We are all working together to make this party fun, but to keep in mind the purpose. The purpose is not to look like Pinterest. It's to honor her and thank those who have invested in her life. I am overwhelmed at gratitude towards the Lord. At a time when we are sorely missing aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents, our friends here are stepping in to fill the roles. They are bringing food to help me with this Sunday picnic theme.  There's no Hobby Lobby or catering service here. What they are doing for me is tremendously helpful. They are texting, "Wouldn't miss it..." It's helped to ease the blow of an overseas graduation so much.

This has been such a strange mix of bittersweet joy. There's overwhelming joy (This is why we educated her! Well done! Good grades, college decided, future is bright!) and sadness, as she will be not only graduating, but moving her to her passport country for the first time in her life, far away from us.

One of my tasks this week was to gather pictures for the event. I will readily admit it was the hardest part so far. So many memories. Singapore. Turkey. USA summers. They told me it would fly, but how can you really understand until it happens to you?

And so we face the next 10 days. Sunday we party. Wednesday she leaves on her senior trip (to Rhodes, Greece!). On the 13th she graduates.

Here is a little sampling of my memories right now.

1st year picture, and the only professional picture I ever had made of her. She became fascinated with her tongue that week. All the pictures reflect it. And I love that. 

4 days old. We had just checked out of Gleneagles Hospital and walked across the street to the US Embassy in Singapore (most expensive one ever built) to get her "Consular Report of Birth Abroad" (We became the experts of these after 5 of them. And yes, she can be the President. She'd make a good one. But she might not get elected. She's too conservative for our crazy nation.) 

Summers. USA. Cousins. 

And the sports pictures. I used to arrive early to every game. I knew it wouldn't last forever; I wanted every second I could take. Now I understand why my dad would sometimes even come to my practices. I didn't understand that back in the 1980's. 

She's been posting about what's coming. She gets it. Whenever I run to the grocery store down the street, she hops in the car. We are taking everything we can get. 

I slipped out to the bathroom before the piano concert this week. There were the graduation gowns, pressed and ready to go. 

Here's my beautiful soon-to-be graduate. She used to be what some might call "strong willed," but by God's grace, He has turned that into strong conviction. As much as I will miss her, I can say with full confidence that I'm not worried about her. She is in His hands and has given her heart to the Lord. I love you, ME! 

And just to make you's me blogging this. Ha ha! We will survive! 


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post! Congratulations to the graduate, and her family!

Tara G. said...

Tearing up on this side of the computer & ocean. Many hugs!

Anonymous said...

You might survive, but for at least a little while, you're going to think you won't. :-) I wouldn't want to do it twice, I can tell you. I still remember my conversation with God at the time. I ran down the whole list of why life is designed like it is. Surely, that was not what He meant. Then, about that time they will do something, maybe a small thing, and you will be more proud of them than you have ever been in their whole life. I thanked God for using my children like He did then and still does. After all, that is the name of the game.

God bless all of you . . . . . A big congratulations and much love.

Melanie K

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