Saturday, June 3, 2017

Piano Recital 2017

Thursday night was the Spring piano recital for our kids. It was really fun to have it in the auditorium at school, a beautiful spot with good acoustics.

This is likely Sweet Cheeks' last year to take piano, as we let them make their own choice on it once they hit 7th grade. She has loved learning the piano, but is very interested in learning a new instrument in 7th Grade Band this upcoming year. She did a great job on her songs! In addition to her solo, she played a duet with Twinkle, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."

Big Ben started piano this year and loves it! We never have to remind him to practice, he just hops on the piano and starts. Twinkle and Miss Middler have worked their way up to being one of the final performers, as the songs grow in difficulty level at the concert. It was just beautiful.

Here are all of the piano students.

And my awesome kids with their awesome teacher, Mrs. Park. She was one of the first people we meet when moving here.

Twinkle had an attendee and some flowers. Sweet kids.

I was really touched at the friends who came to support them, even in SUCH a busy time of year. I did not get a picture of B, or the P family, or the B family, or the W family, and others. But it was sweet to have people cheering them on.

Well done, kids. Now, enjoy a little break from practicing! But don't forget your recital songs. The grandmothers will want to hear them! 

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