Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Day of School 2017

The last day came with graduation to be that night. It was a full day, even though it was only a half day. We had awards ceremonies and programs. My kiddos were rewarded for their hard work all year. The girls all earned the Aslan Award which requires 15 hours of community service and teacher recommendations. Twinkle was given the Turkish II award. Firstborn was given the Yearbook award and was part of a several student tie for the 11th and 12th grade student-of-the-year. They are all smart kiddos, but they also try hard to do their best on their school work. I'm proud of them. 

Sweet Cheeks got an Honor Roll certificate. 

As did Big Ben! 

I had blocked off Tuesday afternoon. No responsibilities were mine except for getting this family of 7 ready to see Firstborn graduate. She and I took off to the mall to get some shoes for her graduation dress. I got my hair done. After getting her through 14 years of school, yes, I got my hair done! 

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