Thursday, June 1, 2017

Speeding Toward the Finish Line

Things are getting crazy over here. I know in the US, you are already graduating your kids! We have another week or so to go. But there is an event every night! Here are some snapshots from our busy days and nights.

After the music concert, we piled a bunch of kids in the car to get them home. 

Our Spring music concert was fabulous! This year our only performer for the school concert was Firstborn. She took a World Music class, so they performed a Polynesian drum routine, as well as a Haka dance from New Zealand. This awesome group of kids even painted their faces to go with the genre. 

And every night that we get home, we race down to see our babies. They are growing up and so much fun! They are properly domesticated and socialised, let me tell you! 

And in spite of the crazy schedule, CC and I found a few minutes to grab a Starbucks together. We talked shop the entire night, but still! We were together, and it was fun! 

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Anonymous said...

Lord willing, one of these days I'm going to learn to work my camera as good as you do yours . . . Before technology leaves me in the dust. :-)

Mel K.

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