Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Classroom

Our school has outgrown its space! This summer CC carved up a little room that had gone unused before and made it into a classroom for me. I love it. The funny thing was that we cut a hole in a wall that used to be solid and also walled up a door. So people stumble in and scratch their heads still! We are calling it the "Tower Room" since it is in the top corner of the building. I love that we have a room devoted to Bible classes again, too.

So, right after the retreat, I got to work fixing it up. No matter what grade I teach, whether Kindergarten or College, we'll have birthdays on the wall.

I added this fun "phone" for my Middle School Bible students. I know. It says 9 apps, and there are only 8. And so far only 1 student has caught it. I gave him candy. 

These are the books of the Bible, which I put on a poster board make to look like a bookcase.

I loved being able to post verses on my walls!

I went with a PacMan theme. PacMan is so retro and cool to my middle schoolers. So hip to me.

And soon school would begin! 

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