Friday, September 11, 2015

Baltimore Wedding: About To Start!

The reception hall, located in the church where the couple will attend, was beautifully decorated!

She had some really fun instead of signing a guest book, we all wrote a note for her to open at a particular anniversary. I loved her fun ideas. I'm going to have fun with my girls' weddings one day!

My heart was especially drawn to the moments between the bride and her parents, for obvious reasons. L and I got very close to her parents, as we rode with them and interacted quite a bit. I kept thinking about my girls and how the bride grew up on the field, then lived far away from them. Many things were tender to me. I love that I caught this picture as she descended to see her groom. One last kiss from dad. I know one Papa that will be crying!

She did a "first look" where the groom got to see her before the wedding.

Meanwhile, we snapped some photos now that we were all gussied up. I love, love, love this picture of my baby.

And this was so sweet. This friend MADE the event for me. We were both facing hard goodbyes as soon as we returned from the wedding. Isn't God good to give us people who understand us?

And this girl! If my daughters grow up to be a young woman like this, I'd be very blessed!

One last shot before it was time to head to the church.

And one last runway walk down the stairs (when you are the 4th daughter all alone for once in the limelight, you do the runway walk every chance you get!)

I loved this shot of the Hawaiian sisters walking in the flower girl!

Time to go in!

Time to do a wedding!!!

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Tara G. said...

Matronly is the last thing you looked like (yesterday's post)! So pretty!

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