Sunday, September 13, 2015

Baltimore Wedding: Ceremony, Reception, and Farewell

The wedding was beautiful! I was so proud to stand with my sweet friend. And, uh-hm, actually served a purpose as a bridesmaid. During all the hooplah, the groom's ring was forgotten. The preacher was asking for the token of their love. No token. I quickly slipped off my anniversary band, passed it forward, and this happy couple married with my 10th anniversary band. Meanwhile, my groom was boarding a flight with my oldest two daughters. It was a happy thought to me, whether my ring was on my finger or my groom was with me, he's still mine and my thoughts were on him. And yes, I got my ring back!

Our sweet little friend came to the wedding in her finest.

Sweet Cheeks was happy to be seated by this little friend at the reception dinner. I love, love, love their glasses and smiles!

The groomsmen were great guys. Along with the groom's mom and sisters, they sang a rap to the new couple.

These amazing cupcakes were made by a precious woman and her daughter who drove all the way from East Tennessee to Baltimore to bake for her. She created these cupcakes flavors for the wedding. The Caramel Creme Latte Cupcakes were based on the favorite Starbucks drink of the couple. Her website is She is a mom, wife, believer, baker, speaker, and music maker. I would call her salt of the earth.

The bride set up a fun photo booth. Here's the gang from Turkey.

My precious friend G drove down an hour to the wedding, after just arriving from overseas the night before. She blesses me every day. I can't think of a time that I have come to her and she's been too busy or not rubbed my arm or hugged me while I talk to her. She's like a sweet fragrance to me.

We ate, partied, laughed, and then it was time to say goodbye.

What a joy to get to do this! I know this couple will last a lifetime!

We sort of knew this was coming. Happy and sad all mixed in, such is the life.

We quickly changed, then piled in a pick up truck for a ride to the airport with our sweet friends. A quick flight back to Nashville, one last church service, one last Mexican lunch with my brother's family, one last sleep, and then it was goodbye for the year. Lots of "stuff" in my heart that weekend. I'm truly thankful for all God has done for me and given me. I am thankful for friends that are hard to bid goodbye. I am thankful for a family that welcomes me for the summer, then gets me back on that plane, understanding my call.

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