Thursday, September 10, 2015

Baltimore Wedding: Early Morning Gettin' Ready

The father-of-the-bride came 'round to pick us up at the crack of dawn. Hair appointments at 6AM for a wedding at 11AM!

A special treat came in this young lady. Upon graduation from high school, she came to Turkey for a semester just to serve us and the school. She dove in head first, helped with Bible club, helped teachers, mentored kids. She and her precious mom drove up from East Tennessee to bake the cupcakes and wedding cake as a favor to the bride. She also fixed Sweet Cheeks' hair for me.

The hairstylists the bride hired for us did a great job! I felt like I looked very matronly, but that's ok. I had a very matronly job to do later, stay tuned.

And take a look at this progression...have you ever seen something more lovely???

We had so much fun together. I know I'll never forget it!

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