Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Baltimore Wedding: Do-It-Yourself-Florists

After our bridal breakfast, we set out for a big adventure. The bride needed us to be the florists! She bought cut flowers and needed us to make: the bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaids' bouquets, 8 boutineers, mother-of-the-bride and groom corsages, 15 centerpieces, and 3 large displays for the reception.

The flowers she chose were beautiful. The florists she "hired" were unexperienced!

But we got to work.

This gal saved us. She has helped with a few weddings before. Mostly, she's just very artistic, and she's a she knew how to direct us. She suggested we start with the bridal bouquet, then model the rest after that.

This sweetie pie was a big help! She cut thorns off stems.

Here's me. Can't you hear me? "Um, like this?"

Here we are wrapping the bridal bouquet in florists' wrap. 

It involved a lot of math...we didn't want to run out of one kind of flower.

Additionally, some worked on the wedding guest favors..a mini combo of Turkish delight (which came in my suitcase from Turkey) and Macadamia nuts (which came in the suitcases from her new Hawaiian family).

I found a super fun job at one point! It was holding the little baby of the home in which we worked!!!

This little doll lit up with a smile every time Sweet Cheeks got near!

So, it was hard work, but we were happy to serve our bride and make her wedding as special as she is!

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