Monday, June 29, 2015

The Back Porch Spa

Grandma and I were cordially invited to the Back Porch Spa. You only ever thought of this picnic table as a place to eat on the porch, but it can also serve as a massage table.

The cousins spent hours setting up the back porch as a Spa (Remember when you were little and the set up and anticipation of the game was half the fun?)

We were thrilled to get our garden mud washed off and get the pampering.

And just the Back Porch Spa, you can even bring your laundry to dry while you are getting your mani-pedi!

Summer Fun! It's the best. What creative plans have your children made today? Tell me about them!

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Anonymous said...

That is cute as pie and so fun! You are right, the setup is always half the fun.

This makes me miss those times . . . I really need to be a grandmother. You know the biggest thing that struck me? The garden mud comment . . . I do remember those days. Do you shell your beans and peas out under a shade tree? We would do that.

Thanks for sharing!


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