Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bridal Shower

Our care group had the joy of having H (the new bride-to-be) in our care group, so we organized a bridal shower for her. Just before I went, it occurred to me that it would be entirely appropriate to take Sweet Cheeks with me, as she is in the wedding party this summer. We popped down to the store in our neighborhood, she bought a little journal, and then wrote this in it for her teacher. I loved it!

L decorated her house with a garden theme, as she knew H loves it! Wow, when I walked in, I thought her house was a Pinterest Board! It was amazing!

Sweet Cheeks was so very happy to be there and began writing her bride's blessing to give to her teacher.

Our care group provided the food...mmmmm!

One gal even decorated cupcakes into a wedding dress!

Here is our care group with our hostess.

And here's the whole gang!

This sweet gal was a former roommate of H's. She also holds a special place in my heart. When she was a very little girl, I prayed for her, as did my three (then) little girls. Her father, who devoted himself to sharing truth and discipling people, is in heaven as a martyr, taken from this land. Her mother stayed here with her young children after his death, as God did not tell her to leave. Now this little girl is all grown up, still shining her light. There's much talk these days of a heroes. She is my hero.

Here's B. B, I could not resist posting it. It is ever so cute of both of you!

Many of the teachers pooled their money and bought H a Kitchen Aid mixer. They had it shipped to her US address from the US. So, of course, they had to print a picture and wrap that picture in an enormous box! So cute.

And what else do you do at a shower than ooohh and ahhh over a new baby who got to come?

The bride in her bow bonnet is special to us all!

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