Monday, June 8, 2015

Letterman's Banquet

Whew, school is coming to a close, and it is one event after another! Here's Big Ben, who signed up for origami club. He created a little origami scene of creation.

That night, our older three girls had their Letterman's Banquet. Firstborn was a busy girl this year, did I mention that before? She lettered in volleyball, basketball, soccer, band, and drama! For most of hte year, her every afternoon was filled between sports, fine arts, and her tutoring job. I am so very thankful that we can walk to school. We still had dinner together every night. I realize that is a gift. When I saw this picture in my camera, I could not believe how much her smile looked like her Mimi Campbell's. She's a Campbell through and through!

So proud of my little 7th grader Miss Middler! She made it on the volleyball team, though it is a high school team, and also lettered in drama...because Tinkerbell!!! When I saw her hair she had fixed (she's the Pinterest Hair Queen!) and her make-up, I am not sure she is a little girl anymore.

I spent the entire night sending Twinkle subliminal messages to pull her hair out of her face! I was on the side where all the hair was. Finally, she threw her head back, and I snapped it! She lettered in volleyball, basketball, and soccer this year.

The gals with their beautiful inside and out drama instructor.

And then because we all looked so pretty, we took a few pictures.

I told Firstborn to pose with her "friend." I said, "Come on. Let me get a picture. This doesn't have to be awkward." And then they laughed and said, "We know. We just took a bunch of pictures together before the banquet!" Photo shoot???? Sigh.

I am so proud of my kids. I don't ever want to hurt them in any way in things that I post. So, I don't talk so much on here about the hard days and the bad attitudes and the disappointments. But I also don't want my readers to ever think we are perfect. We are just a group of people, given to each other by God, who are seeking to honor Him. We have bad attitudes, we are unkind to each other sometimes, but we are forgiven. And we want to reflect Jesus. So, if you are in that category, just know we are not the family of perfects, and you are in good company!

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Anonymous said...

Well, who wants to hear the "very normal" stuff anyway? :))) We love hearing the good things!!! Besides, doesn't the Bible say to think on those things? Bad attitudes, etc., are those things we work on and try to improve, not what we write a blog about . . . . Not a soul living who doesn't have to work at being what they should be.

I remember my kids' reactions when I used to tell them they would ALWAYS be learning lessons until the day they died. They were like, "Aw, man!" :)

You are very proud of your kids, and it shows. Nothing at all wrong with that. I am very proud of mine, too. Most parents can relate. We also know what is behind those angelic faces and how much work and discipline it takes to get there!

But the fact remains, they are beautiful and all the work you put in raising them shows. Children are indeed a gift from God.

That is a definite soapbox, isn't it? Just letting you know we don't misunderstand the good things you share. :)


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