Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Classes

As you know from previous posts, I transitioned into different classes this year. I taught seventh grade English, middle school Bible, and elementary Bible. I have loved it!!! Though my teaching time requirements were shorter, my prep time increased. But I did not mind it one bit. I loved studying the Bible to prepare for my class.

Here is my 7th and 8th grade Bible class. They are so wonderful. I am certain they taught me more than I taught them. I will miss them!

Here is one of my elementary Bible classes. We meet once a week. They have hungered for God's Word this year. It has touched me each week to share things with them that some of them have never learned before.

Here is a group of my middle school girls, performing a dramatic reader's theater on the Resurrection, which was their final project.
The last day of school, I always cry. I am so proud of all these kids. The joy is all mine!

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