Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spring Piano Concert 2015

The year is coming to a close! Time for our Spring piano concert. Here's some darling K5's with their teacher, who also performed.

Sweet Cheeks played "Blue Scales."

This sweet little girl had one flower to give and chose to give it to Miss Midd, who performed beautifully!

Twinkle Toes performed "Yesterday." (Hum it once. It's in your head now, isn't it?)

Miss Midd played a piano-violin duet with Miss M. Do you remember her? She was Big Ben's nanny for a semester when he was a baby! She's all grown up now!
I am super proud of them. For my two middlers, in spite of being involved in sports, drama, and other activities, they set aside time to practice and willingly stayed in piano lessons this year, even though we allowed it to be their choice. Well done, girls!

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