Thursday, June 4, 2015

Spring Music Concert 2015

We've had a busy two weeks! 2 Embassy dinners, 2 concerts, 2 banquets, 1 staff picnic, and many meetings! Yes, the year spins out of control, then just stops come June 9. However, it is so much fun to get to see how much the kids have learned in their various classes! Sweet Cheeks' class sang a song in French for the music concert.

Miss Middler's 7th grade class (also my English class) went from knowing virtually nothing to playing 3 amazing songs! The instructor had secretly recorded them the first day of class (I found out it was CC's suggestion!), played it into the microphone at the concert, then turned and let them do their thing! You would never believe it was the same band.

Having graduated from our school, finishing her college degree in the US, then returning to teach for us, this gal is really special. In fact, her family was the first we met when we moved to Turkey. She babysat Miss Middler as a baby and still comments on how strong and fast she was as an 18 month old! She is moving to Korea to teach at a sister school. Oh, how she will be missed.

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