Sunday, March 29, 2015

Purity Weekend with Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes and I found a free weekend recently to get away for an overnight together and go through the Passport to Purity curriculum. Bless her. She had just recovered from a virus and still had an awful cough, but we had it on the calendar, and she still very much wanted to go. We left on a Friday afternoon and began with lunch. She ordered a Turkish chicken kebab. It was beautiful!

I ordered a Mediterranean salad with roasted peppers, eggplant, and feta cheese.

The highlight for Twinkle, of course, was the thick potato slice. She would eat potatoes everyday if I fed them to her!

We had a nice time in the hamam together, then out for a small pizza. We worked through the cd's and had great talks. It is such a special time and so good to have open conversation about it. She, of course, has strong convictions, and this weekend assured her of her Papa's and my support in her decisions.

Breakfast at this hotel was we got bacon and waffles!

I will have to save the Saturday night dad date post for later, as those pictures are on CC's phone.

I am so blessed to be this beautiful girl's mama!

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Tara G. said...

We just went away this weekend for P2P, too!

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