Sunday, March 15, 2015


My older two girls were on the high school basketball team. There is NOTHING I would rather be doing than watching them play. Firstborn (this year she was #11) went from being a tall seventh grader who begged not to be put into a game (and was subsequently put in for the tip off!) to being the top scorer for her team in the games. She is confident, and it does not bother her one little bit to have some gal waving her arms in front of her. She just shoots! And many times, makes it!

Twinkle Toes played on the high school team last year, as a seventh grader. I could not believe the difference in her this year! Twinkle is the champion stealer. The girls had no idea who the starting 5 would be and confessed to me the night before the tournament, they had no idea if they would start or how much they would play.

You can imagine the razzing I gave them when they together scored 14 of the 15 points in their first game! I think you might get to play, girls!

A lot of playing sports at Oasis is teamwork and encouraging one another. They were beyond excited when their friends, who were just learning, got in the game and played hard!

They can't stand me to take after-game pictures. But I think they are beautiful!

We aren't able to play regular, weekly games, so we do weekend tournaments. Sometimes they will play 5 or 6 games in 24 hours. It's nice to rest and watch the boys play. And as anxious and excited as I get, I am glad I don't have a high school son playing right now!

Here's my buddy and me. She is teaching third grade, and we are mentoring partners.

This was all him. He begged to gel his hair like this. We agreed at the next school dress down day, he could do it. He also added our school letters with my eye liner!

I think she's giving it a Facebook "like" here!

Their coaches are awesome. Everyone who comes to practice plays.

And these girls proudly took 3rd place for the tournament!

I love this picture. Miss Middler is sitting back-to-back with her buddy from all the way back in Pre-Kindergarten. This friend is leaving in a week or so. It will be a very hard goodbye. And back there cheering them on with a loyalty that runs deep is "auntie." (A school principal...who dresses up to spook them at Halloween, gives them gifts for birthdays and Christmas, walks them home from school when I am single-momming it.)

It was a great tournament, and I am proud of these kids!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for you all! My girls loved sports and I remember all the games. My youngest son, who is quite good at anything physical did not like any sport he tried from his very first t-ball on. Today he is my rescue guy, putting his life out there . . . Literally . . . to save others. That is a whole other calling and one that takes a lot of guts and a lot of selflessness. You can't tell I'm very proud of him, can you? :) What he does routinely on a day to day basis is dangerous. His Papa would bust a button. He's so much like my dad.

I guess what I was thinking of was how God creates each of us for a specific purpose. There is certainly nothing wrong with sports, my oldest son is pursuing sports as a career. But now and then, there is that one that doesn't fit in, the odd guy, like Matt was. With a father who was so athletic in his day, two sisters and a brother very good at sports also, God gave the heart of a hero to Matthew and that is where he shines. He needed that physical ability, not for a ball game, but to save someone's life.

Reading about your kids always brings back memories and I look back at mine and can see Gods plan for them all the time and how clear it is now. Back then, it was a walk of faith, that's for sure.


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