Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Artistic Endeavours

My eldest daughter submitted an application to go on a mission trip to Wales. She was accepted, and leaves just after her 16th birthday, next week. We told her we would help with her one fund raiser, a coffee house. We also said she could contact her family members and explain about the trip. She did all that. But without any prompting from us, she began creating some artwork to sell. Last summer, she volunteered at an inner city church for a week. They had unattractive walls, so the girls were given the task of painting large canvases to cover them. She found inspiration!

We all chipped in from time to time....base coating,

drawing (Miss Midd is the best at this),

and I antiqued some wooden frames we had, but she did most of the work. I was so proud of her work and would have bought all of them! (Her "It is Well" is printed on the songsheet for the hymn.)

She sold every stinkin' one of them! about 30 in all! I am super proud of her! Just can't believe it's time to send her off for her first time with her own passport in her pocket.

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