Friday, March 20, 2015

Before the Clock Strikes Midnight

Oasis hosts a Winter Ball for all students in grades 7-12. That meant, we had three beauties ready to attend this year!

Miss Middler got to go for the first time. She was given this sweet dress by M (the gal I've told you nannied for Big Ben, and now teaches for us!). We thought she looked DARLING...our sweet 7th grader!

I really wish I had taken a picture of it, but our new ESL teacher, Miss N, has beautiful, long hair. Two of my girls quickly pegged her as someone they wanted to ask to do their hair for the ball. She did a great job.

Twinkle Toes picked her dress out on Amazon...just a simple infinity dress, less than $40, ordered from a lady in Singapore. It can be tied 50 different ways. After watching countless youtube videos, with the door locked, and many giggles and pressing the pause button, we finally got it tied like she wanted. Her little cousin L tied it up right away for her last summer when it first arrived. If only I'd had L with me!

She has Aunt T to do her hair. She wanted a French Braid down to one side, with lots of "messy" curls falling out. Thank you, God, for moms like T. I'd be putting in pig tails, I guess.

Firstborn found an amazing deal on Amazon for this lace dress. It was made and mailed from China. I measured her and suggested we go up a size, just to be safe. After all...China. Whew, it fit like a glove, I was right. After she tried it on about 3-4 times, we found a hidden zipper. That helped!

It was originally strapless, so I added a couple of simple ribbon straps to get us dress code compliance.

Here are my beauties. They are all so different, and all lovely. I thought their very different selection of dresses reflected on their tastes.

We are losing this sweet Ecuadorian friend in the Spring, so she came over to get ready at our house for one last Winter Ball.

And one thing I learned from all this fingernail painting, hair roller sharing, bobby pin searching, dress zipper-upping, hairspray squirting, lipgloss applying is that girls are a lot of fun, but I hope they don't all get married the same day!

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Tara G. said...

Sarah, they are so pretty and grown-up! I hope you all had so much fun!

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