Saturday, March 21, 2015

And Then Papa Got Dressed For the Prom

I don't think we went to the Winter Ball for Firstborn's first time in seventh grade. But then a couple of years later, Papa had two girls at the ball, and we went. This year, he had three there, and there was no way he was staying home. After we got them all out the door, their purse clutches snapped tight and reminders to not walk home alone still ringing in their ears, he donned his new t-shirt to wear to the prom.

He had just gotten it from my brother, and we decided this would be the perfect night to show it off.

They loved his joke and let him have fun!

Firstborn panicked when she realized he had worn a t-shirt with his bow tie.

And then she read the words!

Miss Middler had the best photo of the night!

But they love their Papa and even accepted his request for the first dance.

After he'd shown off his t-shirt and danced with his girls, we called it a night and let them have a fun time without their dad/principal being there.
And, by the way, several other dads are placing orders for a t-shirt of their own!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha . . . So cute!

Just wait! That's all I'll say for now! ;)


P.S. The girls looked beautiful!

And Sara, sometimes I feel a little guilty for all my "just wait" comments but then I remember that is part of it. I got my share of "just waits" as my kids were growing up. I still remember many of them and marvel at how true they turned out to be. One I especially remember is about the youngest child and the place that one holds. Boy, oh boy! Did it turn out to be true.

So, I hope I don't annoy you. I mean all my remarks in the happiest of ways . . .posts about your kids bring back such great memories about my own. I really enjoy reading.

Tara G. said...

That's just awesome! Love these photos!

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