Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Israel: Palestine, Pizza, People, and Providence

Palestine: At this point in our travels, we came very near Palestine. This shot is fuzzy, sadly, but it reminds me of the beauty I saw on the other side.

Everything looked different near the other side. The police cars were wrapped in extra metal and bars.

Pizza: We tried to keep our expenses down, so we never went out for a fancy Israeli meal. Soon after we checked in our hotel, we asked for a recommendation of something cheap and close by. We were told about a pizza place. This man, below, is named Adam. The pizza place's name was in Hebrew, so we just called it "Adam's Pizza." And we ate there every possible night that we could. We only took off for the Sabbath.

It was the best pizza any of us have ever had in our lives. And we were walking many miles each day, so ending the day with hot, fresh pizza was perfect.

In fact, on our last Sabbath there, CC parked our car outside the pizza shop, rain pouring down all around us. We waited and waited, just to see if Adam would open up again now that the Sabbath was officially over. We almost left. Almost. Then someone in the back seat screamed, "I see ADAM!!! I see ADAM!!!" Sure enough, Adam strolled in through the rain. We came in and warmed up and dried out, eagerly anticipating our last pizza there. CC loved it so much, he brought home 2 fridge magnets with their carry out number.

People: We were all 7 in a room for part of our time there. These were our bunk beds. There was absolutely no room to walk. So when we all were in the room, we had a have to stay on your bunk!

 Providence: Just as we were driving off on our last day for outings, CC noticed a sign for Emmaus.

Though the gates were closed, we were able to peer through and see the famous road to Emmaus before leaving Israel.

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Anonymous said...

These are so wonderful. I thought how great it would be to read the kids their Bible stories right on the spot where they actually happened.

These have to be the best posts you have written. Just cannot tell you how much I've enjoyed them.

Still say Ross needs to take a tour group! ;)

Love you all Sara,

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