Thursday, May 1, 2014

Capturing Cappadocia: VW Beetles, Insane Asylums, and Onyx

Did you think someone hacked into my blog when you read the title? This post is such a hodgepodge of random! There was a VW beetle/van combo in the town. It made for a great photo op for teenagers. Funny thing was that they all wanted a picture by it, but didn't want to look too uncool posing, so they kept grabbing little siblings to get in with them!

Twinkle Toes got her favorite Turkish food...manti. It's like ravioli with a yogurt sauce.

Our friend Hassan took us to see an old church. He said that the townspeople would take the mentally insane to live up there with the church folks. The church folks cared for them and finally the church became a bit of an insane asylum. Whatever you do unto the least of these....

Then Hassan took us to an onyx factory. This looks like marble, doesn't it? But marble does not allow the light to pass through, and this does. Mined in this part of the country, onyx comes in all these colors, the green being the most valuable.

We got to see a man carving it into a shape.

He made a little egg on a stand and gave it to Big Ben.
And then they took us up to their store, which had onyx items and jewelry. Wow! We just looked, but did not touch or buy. However, the gal showed me a "harem ring" which had 4 bands with a different colored gemstone all the way around each band. She said the sultan would give it to his favorite girl in the harem. Then she told me her mom had one and gave a band to each daughter when she married. Hmmm...4 bands, 4 daughters. Was this a setup? Even so, the colors were so beautiful that I dreamed about it that night! I wish I had taken a picture!

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