Friday, May 2, 2014

Capturing Cappadocia: Hiking and Wildlife

On our last full day there, we went on a family hike. We spotted all kinds of neat wildlife, like this turtle....

and these girls. (This was the only way down at one point.)

I think these are almond blossoms.

Sweet Cheeks and I found this cool blue beetle. It was a much brighter blue than this picture depicts.

Are you able to see just how far down this goes? Someone thoughtfully added a homemade ladder to aid hikers.

Lots of dirt in the shoes.
We spotted several lizards on the way.
And interesting old homes.

Birds' nests.

And homes and churches.

They are some great hikers!

Churches with raided tombs.

Miss Middler is the most daring. This was slippery, but she was determined to see inside that hole.
Mistletoe! I got a kiss out of her.
And just as we were leaving, I spotted a trailer home, which made me smile.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful! In all these posts I seem to just put myself in, just like I was really there. As I have told you, many of your family posts bring back so many memories. Hiking with my dad when we were growing up, for instance. It makes me wonder if all parents do the same things . . . I never thought of taking the kids hiking, but David always did.

I comment on your posts just as if we were sitting talking but I can never convey in words how much I enjoy them. I appreciate your sharing. All the embassy functions, etc., what fun, what fun!! :)

Kathleen wants me to go to France with her in the near future and I keep trying to think of a way to swing through Turkey . . . Yeah, right. I know Turkey is not that close to France but there are the trains and . . .

Who knows the future? Until then I will just keep enjoying your posts! Thanks again.


P.S. Our little Kathleen is wanting to find some work to do in her beloved Normandy. I used to think that she would wind up in the same profession you are in but I don't know. She loves law so much and has her sights set on being a judge one day. She'd really make a good one. I don't get to share how well she is doing, and she sure doesn't tell anyone. Probably why God gave her a mother!! Haha. She is very close to fluent in French, and reads and writes it well.

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