Monday, May 5, 2014

Capturing Cappadocia: Mama's Request

My only request was a family picture before we left town. We ran into a horse on the path, and then he wanted to follow us as long as his rope would let him.
 Big Ben got into "the map." He kept it in his pocket all week, folded and refolded, telling us where we were, plotting where we were going. I am amazed at the differences in boys after having 4 girls. None of them ever kept a map in their pocket!
 This was our first take. Have I ever mentioned how much timers on cameras stress me? It's mainly the one who clicks it (Papa) and his potential inability to get in the picture on time that worries me. He was one of the ready ones this time.

Pardon all the pictures. They just make me laugh. One of us was ready here.
 "Stop making silly faces!"
"Something stinks."
Well, Firstborn was ready at least. Where's Papa?
Then something got in Sweet Cheeks' eye....
And that went on for Papa, still.
And let's see...Miss Middler is ready. And some people are clearly unhappy.
And here it is!!! The evolution of the family photo!


Tara G. said...

outtakes are some of the best in the photo books!!

Anonymous said...

Most definitely the characteristics of a big family . . . :)


P.S. Isn't it great? :)

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