Monday, May 19, 2014

Seussical, Jr. Musical

Our Spring play was Seussical, Jr the Musical. It was so so cute and fun! Firstborn tried out and got the part of a bird back-up singer for Mayzie, the bird who took off for Miami and left poor Horton the Elephant to sit on her egg. Miss Middler didn't get to try out because she is not yet in Secondary. To her absolute joy, the director began recruiting some younger kids to fill in as Whos, and she landed a part!

Here's Firstborn. She was to be a bit sassy, and she was.

It was a wonderful play, and the entire cast did a super job!

This director is one special gal. She pours her heart into everything she does, loves on our kids, and has been a real encouragement to me. She's from Middle Tennessee, what else should I expect?

My daughter is going to kill me when she reads this blog post. Har har. Gotcha.

I am super proud of them. They practiced every Tuesday afternoon, cheerfully gave up their school holiday to do an all-day drama workshop, learned all their songs and lines, and performed a super show!
Cutest Who and Bird I've ever seen!

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Anonymous said...

Loved it! Dr. Seuss was always a favorite as a kid and as a mom!

Beautiful, beautiful girls!


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