Tuesday, May 20, 2014

International Day

One of my favorite events of the year is International Day. We have nearly 40 nations represented at our school. The students have taught me much about living in a world where all kinds of people are friends and respect and love each other. International Day celebrates our rich diversity.

This year Miss Middler blew me away with her American costume. She wanted to be a Native American. I had no costume for her, but since she is 12 years old now, I just told her if she could pull it off with what we had, she could go for it!

Here is what she ended up with! She had a hand-me-down African wrap skirt, which happened to have a water buffalo on the front...looked just like a bison to me. She donned her leather boots, which looked very moccasin-y! She braided her blonde hair, painted some war paint on, and strapped a papoose on her back. Here she is with her Ecuadorian friend.

Here are some of her beautiful friends from around the world...the Somalian president's daughter, a Korean friend (since childhood), a Sudanese friend, and an Indonesian friend.

And my darling Sweet a miracle, I spotted this cowgirl suit at our rummage sale...for $2.50!!! We added a Cappadocian cowboy hat and some boots.

The kids bring food from their home countries. It is absolutely NO sacrifice to be here on days like this!!! (mmmm...I even spotted a coconut Asian dessert I had not had since 2003!)

Here's the entire upper elementary.

And here's my sweet third grade class.


Tara G. said...

Our church in Ukraine was like that- so beautifully diverse! Love the group photo!!

Angie said...

What a wonderful diverse group! Sounds like such a fun day! Your gals looked so cute!

Anonymous said...

Most definitely an awesome experience. Just beautiful! ........and oh, the food! I can only imagine, and drool!!


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