Monday, January 7, 2013

Visit to Turkey: Perge, Take I

We knew we wanted to take the family to Perge, the ancient town and Biblical site where Paul came to start a church (and split with John Mark.) It is very well preserved and so fun to tromp around and see!

Here's the entrance to the city. Do you notice the rock just above the entrance? It has a different design, a keystone (a trapezoid).
Old rocks and young kids.
Mom and Dad were real troopers. We were all enjoying the ruins, the Roman baths, the visible pipes from so long ago.
And then we started getting different family shots. Here are all the 11 grandkids.
And just a few minutes after this my big brother crossed over some rock to get a family picture. The rock gave way. He fell about 4 ft. and immediately knew he'd broken his arm. CC quickly rushed with him to get some ice. We gathered everyone up and began our 2nd trip to the ER in 3 days.

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Tara G. said...

I hope you're making a little photo book of all of these stories and pictures- it's so fun to read and every story needs some drama, right?!

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