Sunday, January 6, 2013

Visit to Turkey: Antalya Hotel Pool

This was the big draw for the kids...a hotel pool. Never mind that they don't actually heat the pool to a warm temperature. When you are a kid, it just doesn't matter.
Here's Firstborn with her cousin buddy. They've been pals since....oh, 1 year old.
Sweet Cheeks knows how to swim well now, thanks to summer swim lessons. It made my job of keeping an eye on all of them a lot easier!
This shot makes me laugh so hard. There was a little baby pool, maybe 1 ft. deep. The 3 little ones "dove" into it for hours on end. Check out the littlest Fishstick girl in the mirror. She's got perfect form for a dive. Big Ben is modeling the next step to the dive....throw your arms out and jump!


Anonymous said...

What caught my eye in this post was Eva swimming! So glad to see that. I remember the posts where she would hang back at the lake . . .

Love Ben's style! Just like a little girl to be very proper (diving stance) and a little boy to be just a little boy.

This was a cute post . . . I'm like you about the temp of the water though. Ha.


Angie said...

Kids can swim in freezing water and it never phase them. I like warm water. No cold pool water for me!

Kelli said...

Random- but that hotel pool looks A LOT like the pool in a hotel in Antalya that we stayed at back in 2005... small world!

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