Monday, January 14, 2013

Visit to Turkey: Finishing Olympos

We loved Olympos. It was fun for everyone, and no one had to go to the ER! It was a good day! CC especially wanted my parents to see the church. It was a Byzantine church. Someone had constructed this little log bridge to help us cross. We crossed one at a time and said, "No jumping on the bridge!" It looked like the kind that trolls live under to me.

It is very hard to see, but we found a cross on the old church.
This is perhaps my favorite picture from the holiday. Dad...healthy...and me, happy to be with him!

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Anonymous said...

What can you say, Sara? There are not words for the precious times we spend with the people who shaped our lives.

I am still amazed at how much my parents always loved me. God is SO good to us all giving us time with those we love. It means more than anything else ever could.

God has blessed David and I this year with all four of our grown kids home together . . . Especially, the girls. It is a rich time for us and one that we are all aware He has given!


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