Sunday, January 6, 2013

Visit to Turkey: Antalya Hotel All-You-Can-Eat

Through an online site, we found a great deal on hotel accommodations in Antalya. As much as we love our dear city, there are no real ruins to speak of. Knowing the Fish Sticks may not be back for awhile, we wanted to get them down south to see some ancient civilizations...well, the remains of them, anyway! 

We booked 4 rooms, put 2 adults and 2 kids in each room. There weren't really 8 adults. There were 6. We told the oldest 4 kids to behave like adults and put them in a room together! 

We noted that getting the hotel with the all-you-can-eat-all-day-long buffet came to about US$2-3 per person per meal. Can't beat that! We signed up. What the hotel doesn't know is how much my kids can eat. They didn't make a buck on us.
The favorite food of the cousins seemed to be chocolate spread and pomegranites. (Neither of these ever stained anyone's clothes, a-hem.) Big Ben wanted sliced grapefruit at every meal. Be my guest.
At the Christmas Eve dinner, we were graced with the carcasses of a sheep and a duck. I had to be a tourist and get a picture. I just kept thinking this gal on the right looked like Mother Goose. Poor little lamb on the left had mashed potato puffs all over his dead body.
And after sightseeing all day and filling up tummies multiple times a day, we were plumb tuckered out.
We were fairly laid-back at the buffets and just let the kids go. They all made fairly good choices, minus a meal or two of total carbs. We were definitely watched. 17 folks with blue eyes, many of them blonde-haired, gave plenty of people viewing enjoyment. It never ceases to amaze me how many good conversations we can have with folks just by having some cute kids with us. 

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