Friday, August 24, 2012

Waiting for School to Start

It's the week before school starts. The kids have all attended VBS at our local military base chapel. Firstborn was asked to lead the worship, she's done an amazing job. At 13, she and her friends have coordinated all the practices together, learned their songs, and performed well.
 Most of the afternoons are spent at the park, chatting with friends, enjoying those last few days of freedom.
Big Ben is still finding his way to the hallway outside his sisters' rooms. On this night, he also packed some heat (3 guns slept beside him.)
And we've been busy with inservice meetings and getting a school year ready to launch. We did enjoy a night out with fellow staff members to celebrate the birthday of our fourth grade teacher. There's something about getting out of school and having a few cups of Turkish tea that suddenly made all those inservice videos incredibly funny.
And in just 3 days we launch!

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