Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day 2012-13 School Year

It's a new school year! Here are my wonderful kids on the first day.
 Miss Middler going into 5th grade.
 Firstborn going into 8th.
 Sweet Cheeks going into 2nd.
 Twinkle Toes going into 6th.
 And my little guy going into K4.
 Oh, and here's me...going back into 3rd! (My first day of teaching full time in 13 years!)
 "D" is for Director!
We are so thankful to be a part of this wonderful, God-inspired school!


Rachel said...

They've grown so much this summer!

Missy said...

I always enjoy this post, Sara. I can't my little man's going to school!!! Wasn't it just yesterday he was scooting around?

Kelli said...

Beautiful family! And I bought that skirt at Old Navy outlet when we were in the states this summer- love it! I've decided in our un-airconditioned city that I am no longer a jeans person (at least in the summer)...

Busy Mom of 5 said...

Love these pictures! I'm amazed that everyone looks happy, calm, and ready for school early enough to smile for pictures--you're an amazing mom, Sara!

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