Thursday, August 16, 2012

Going Home and Beyond

Our flight home was great. I really mean that. The kids are good at traveling.
And once we landed, we felt loved on this side too. My friend B met us at the airport with waters and snacks for kids who had slept through several meals.

And then we began the week-long jetlag detox. Big Ben has slept on his oldest sister's floor every night since we've been home.
He says he "wikes the gwound."


Tara G. said...

He is so precious!!! Can you please send me your mailing address!?

Rachel said...

My daughter just spent two weeks sleeping in her sleeping bag while my parents were here to help with the baby. She was sad to go back to her queen size bed. Oh to be a kid again. :)

Anonymous said...

I relate to little brother sleeping with big sister. Matt would crawl up in the bed with Kathleen more times than I can count. They were that way for many years until they all became young adults and the Keffer Privacy Policy went into effect. :) (That is the policy where the girls need their privacy and their room is off limits.) Such a sad, but necessary, part of life teaching them to respect the opposite gender, etc., etc. My kids are very touchy people like their dad and had grown up always hugging and snuggled up with one another. Suddenly, they had to learn the proper way to snuggle with adults of the opposite sex.

And you think "teaching" is over when they reach a certain age? . . . I guess it is, in a way. I have transitioned into counselor and advisor, and not an authority, with the girls . . . The boys still have me as their authority but I can tell it is not for long. I will be holding my breath as I let them fly I can tell you :) . . . I feel like I relate real well to nature's birds and the nests they raise their little chicks in. :)


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