Sunday, August 12, 2012

Finishing the Summer: Final Week in Memphis

We headed back down to Memphis for a final fun, but bittersweet week. Knowing the goodbyes were ahead, the clock seemed to tick even faster. We enjoyed a traditional sushi night with CC's sister and brother-in-law. I wish we'd gotten a picture of the four of us. Can you believe how much sushi we ordered?!
 We had some great cousin time.
We also started a tradition last summer of booking a birthday party package for all the cousins at Putt Putt Golf and Games. Does it matter if it is no one's birthday? No! As long as you have enough cousins to invite!
 But we brought a cake anyway. One last birthday cake for the summer birthday girl.
We got 30 minutes of unlimited arcade games. They've come a long way from the Pac Man game, the size of a fridge, at the pizza place.
We also got a game of laser tag, water bumper boats, and go karts. They even have a kiddie track for go karts. They let Big Ben slip in, even though he did not meet the height requirement. He putted along, his sister and cousin lapping him. Then the teenage boy running it, ran out and put a cushion behind his back. Big Ben could reach the gas pedal! Within 10 seconds, he was passing his sister, yelling, "I'm beatin' ya!"
He was excellent at steering and pushing the gas pedal. He just wasn't so good at watching the road. Thankfully, they put a crash pad on that steering wheel. You'll do just fine in Turkey one day, son!
It was a fabulous time together. There's no going back. It's a summer tradition, even when these kids are all teens!

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Anonymous said...

Ben reminded me of Maverick at about that age . . . sitting forward to reach the gas petal so he could speed around the barn in a go-cart (courtesy of his grandfather -- wonder which one - ha).

Good memories!


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