Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lake House Fun

We wanted to take Uncle Gordon and Aunt Pat to the lake house. It was a great weekened...3 dogs, 11 children, 6 adults. My uncle kept noticing how much I look like my grandmother. I think my grandmother had Uncle Gordon when she was about 34. I'm 40 now, so this is about the age he would start really remembering how his mother looked. Anyway, it is a compliment to me. I loved her very much.
 We enjoyed our time on the lake. Here's CC knee-boarding with Miss Middler.
 We also enjoyed time on the boat.
The girls convinced Aunt Pat to ride the inner tube with them. Aunt Pat convinced Tim she'd take revenge if he went any faster.
 And then we got the brothers on the inner tube. A sort of hushed silence fell over the boat. Finally, my littlest niece exclaimed what they were all wondering, "Is Uncle Gordon really Santa Claus?"
 And finally I took a turn, too. One way to keep my big brother from giving me a wild ride is to ride with the two littlest ones!
It was a great weekend!

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Angie said...

I love weekends at the lake! That is actually where we are headed tomorrow morning :)

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