Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Turkish Breakfasts

A typical Turkish breakfast: cucumbers and tomatoes, jellies, honey, olives, cheese, sliced meat, grilled veggie. Even I was surprised by the French fries.
 Here's another. An omelette.
 A grilled cheese sandwich.
What foods do you eat for breakfast that are not your typical egg/cereal/toast type of meal?


Tara G. said...

We stick to the typical breakfast foods at home. At a national's home, there would be similar fare. I've had green beans with my scrambled eggs before.

Anonymous said...

Our family loves breakfast . . . The big old fashioned country kind. Not something we do every day. We often have cereal, oatmeal, eggs and toast, etc., but once in a while, for a treat, Mom makes a big country breakfast with all the trimmings . . . gravy, link sausages, grits, eggs, biscuits and pancakes/waffles, bacon, cooked fruit/croons, orange juice, milk. Those are usually on the weekend.

That is our treat. I will share that while in France, every meal Kathleen had included cheese of some kind and for breakfast they had hot cocoa, even in the summer.

I love the "sound" (because I have not tried them yet) of cheeses in France and other parts of Europe. Kathleen wants to take her dad and I to France in the not too far future and one thing I really look forward to is the daily trips to buy bread and cheese for the house.


Angie said...

Oh wow, not typical for sure!

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