Thursday, June 21, 2012

Special Orthodontic Treatment

We have a great orthodontist. He is doing a super job on the older girls. But it is Sweet Cheeks he has fallen for. I think at one point she drew a picture of him, giving him lots of bushy hair (and he has a bit of a receding hairline). He placed the drawing prominently on his waiting room wall. He always wants her to attend the appointments, too. But it is not always convenient. Several times I've left her at home. He finally told me, on this last appointment before summer, that he refused to treat my kids unless Sweet Cheeks came along.

She happily hopped into his chair, and they discussed which teeth might be getting loose. He assured her that her two bottom teeth are indeed loose. She was thrilled. Bless her, she is the only girl in first grade not in the "Tooth Club." We are still waiting for the first one to come out.

But I am certain, once they do start falling out, and new ones growing in, Dr. Murat will fix her right up with some braces. He has beautiful teen girls. I am guessing Sweet Cheeks reminds him of his own little girls long ago.


goatpod2 said...

I think this is my first time commenting on your blog. My Dad was my Orthodontist.


Cody Zieba said...

Sweet Cheeks’ smile is so infectious that you’ll definitely smile back when you see her smiling at you. Hehe! I bet she has a bubbly personality, and that's why she's the favorite of the orthodontist. A girl like her should be rewarded because she was thrilled to go to the chair and get her teeth removed. She'll also look cuter with the braces on!

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