Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday School Girls

Our upper elementary/pre-teen girls' Sunday School class completed their Bible Study. For our final party, I offered to take them out to breakfast down the road from our church.
 The girls indulged in caramel hot cocoas. I personally went for the basic Turkish tea, but wished I had the calorie-burning metabolism of all these cute girls.
 We were missing two of our girls that morning, but here is the class. They are so sweet.
 And of course, because they are upper elementary/pre-teen, they had to kiss and take a picture with the waterpipe smoking Pink Panther at the restaurant.
 I have really enjoyed teaching this class and will miss it when I need to back off of that next year. Thank you, girls, for faithfully coming, sharing, and growing with me. I know exactly what your favorite lesson was..."The List" (of what we want in a man), right? I am praying God will give you your heart's desires.


Tara G. said...

That last picture with the flowers behind such pretty girls is lovely!! Your class sounds a million times more interesting than the one I had at that age!

Rachel said...

And you sound a million times cooler than the teacher I had at that age. :)

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