Saturday, June 2, 2012

After the Play

Each night after a performance, the actors and actresses came down and greeted the audience. Firstborn's biggest fan was her roommate, Sweet Cheeks! She yelled, "I knew it was you!" as if the costumes were perhaps meant to disguise them.
Another night I brought Miss Middler. She loved seeing her sisters' scenes, as well.
 Their teachers came and supported them.
 Our Bible teacher was in the 'bought-a-ticket-every-night' club with me!

The best part of all was that after the final performance, the directors let them stay in costume, come back to the school, and have a King's Ball. They had food and got to swing dance the night away. I let my girls stay til the very last dance, at midnight. I assure you this Queen was ready to get them home, tucked in, and hit the sack after such a busy week.

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