Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Grade Froggy

Sweet Cheeks' class did a little reader's theater presentation for my Pre K students. The teacher told them they did not HAVE to have a costume. Bless him, Campbell Clansman was up at 10PM making these adorable frog eyes, so she would look more like a frog. Anyone else out there ever stayed up late making a costume?
I took several pictures of her. Every single one of them look like this. Someone doesn't mind having her picture made, it seems.


Tara G. said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, don't even go there about staying up late with school related activities . . . . .

Oh my. The absolute worse was Kathleen. Not because she procrastinated, but because she is so intense and detailed with anything she does.

Oh, my head hurts just thinking of it now. :)


P. S. And the nightmare of intense projects/papers, etc., followed through the college years . . . . Even though I no longer participated or helped, I was still counselor and advisor and spent long, (emphasis on long), hours on the telephone.

That is just one of mine, but compared to that one, the rest have been pikers . . . . Ha.

I have to tell you that I do love the fact that they no longer need Mom's help in so many areas.

Growing up does have its great advantages and I admit I love it!! :)

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