Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Begins/Living Dangerously

I don't normally do as much blogging in the summer. I guess I'm too busy living life. But I would really like to keep up this summer, as so many of our fun family memories happen in the summer, and this is a record of our family. So, we've made it to America. I know I've said this before, but my kids are just great travel buddies. To fly 20 plus hours, get baggage through customs, and smile when you reach the other side of the world is more than I can ask for. And yet they give it to me year after year. I flew with the two Turks and Firstborn. Here they are in a photo below after a 3 hour flight to Germany, and 3 hour layover there, and then an 8 hour flight to Toronto, Canada. It was about 3AM for them, according to our Turkish clocks. They look ok, I think. Campbell Clansman flew a few days later with the Middlers. They agreed to stay and babysit Papa those last few days. They also decided to 'bake' with whatever ingredients they could find at home. The creation involved using a base of Cocoa Puffs rather than flour, forgetting it in the oven while they showered, and pulling something akin to rocks out of the oven. Oh well. What hilarious and dangerous thing did you do when Mom was out of town?

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Tara G. said...

I gave the cat a bath and then tried to blow dry its fur; he wasn't too happy and ended up breaking Granny's ceramic swan towel holder that sat on the counter. {I say I did the family a great service!}

Glad you made it! We're next and can't wait!!

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