Friday, June 22, 2012

Field Day

The last Monday of school finally came, Field Day! I got a call late Sunday night to see if I'd help as a team leader. I reminded them that Big Ben and I are a package deal. They said, "Bring him! It'll be great." I love how we do this. Big kids and little kids are all mixed up on teams. It makes it less about winning and more about helping each other.

Big Ben was prepared for the shoe mix up game. He wore his crocs, no laces to tie. I'll admit, I knew that game was coming and advised him on shoe-ware.

They got to mix up the shoes of the other team. I thought they were very clever to pair them wrongly.

Get ready. Get set. Get on crocs!

Miss Middler was hung up in a human knot here.

And here Twinkle Toes helped with the team cheer. My team won the team cheer. We always get the on the judges' soft side when we build a pyramid. I have no picture of it. But we built a 3 layer pyramid. Big Ben's job, all along, was the stretch out across the front, arms open wide, and smile. But when the competition started, he just crawled right up on the top of the pyramid. It was shockingly funny!

And when it was done, we came home and....napped!

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Angie said...

That school does so many fun things!

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