Tuesday, May 1, 2012


As a six-some (my five children and me) we went down to the creek to return some more tadpoles. We had saved extras, just in case there were casualties. There were none. They are all healthy as little horses! So some needed to be taken to the wild. You can not imagine the trouble of trying to funnel the little ones into a container and save the biggest ones, the chosen ones, for each of the jars we are keeping at home. I am learning a new science of tadpole selection and extraction.

We also needed to get more creek water, since the tadpoles filter it as part of their food intake. Every time I dipped my 5 liter jug into the water, I'd get more tadpoles! Finally, I got a batch of water without any. Big Ben spotted his second big tortoise of the week on the trail. And then, everyone begged Firstborn to help them get pet snails. (She is the snail expert, you remember.) Sigh. Now in addition to a cat that behaves like a dog and tadpoles, we have snails with shells as big as golfballs.

And in case you are wondering, yes, they've gotten out on accident and left slimey trails in my house. I get all uppity about some things. Towels left unhung. Clothes in the floor. Backpacks not unloaded. But little creatures, uniquely created by God, inhabiting my home, being observed in awe by my children, do not seem to bother me too much.


Anonymous said...

Let me just say that a lot of things (as in everything) were uniquely created by God . . . An angel named Lucifer comes to mind . . . Yet, I do not care to let them inhabit my house . . .

I get 'uppity' about creatures and am not the least bit bothered by the towels. (Sometimes I worry about you, Sara - LOL) No wonder you were one of Kathleen's favorite teachers. She must have sensed the connection. She picks up any of God's creation she finds in the house (i.e., crickets, waterbugs, moths, etc.) and gently puts them outdoors. I, personally, smash them with a shoe just like (I am sure.) they were meant to die. :)

I can't say that we ever had indoor snails . . . hermit crabs, iguanas, fish but no snails and tadpoles. I also drew the line at rodents that live indoors. I must tell Ms. Kathleen this story. :)


Tara G. said...

Mom of the Year- goes to you!!!

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